Exploring dimensions of Samskritam through shlokas

उच्यन्तेऽत्र केचन श्लोकाः संस्कृतस्य विभिन्नान् आयामान् कथयितुम् …

(~22 min.)
अत्र श्रवणार्थम् अथवा Download कृते ।


5 responses to “Exploring dimensions of Samskritam through shlokas

  1. Sir, Could I get the text of the sanskritam speech “Exploring dimensions of samskritam through slokas”, Please ,so that I can hear the speech along with reading the material to have better understanding.

    • Dear Sri Natarajan, Thank you for your interest. I do not have a written version to share because these podcasts are extempore-speaking. I do not write down what I want to say and then read it out. asya uddeshaH bhinnaH eva. Podcasts are meant to be heard without accompanying text.

      If you have questions about something I say in the podcasts, please ask them in the comment section. I will try to address it as best as I can. Other readers can explain as well.

  2. रसिकः

    निश्शब्देन प्राणसङ्कटम् इति मया अपि बाल्यकाले श्रुतम्। प्रत्युत अस्य प्रथमभागे डर्राबुर्रा नास्ति भयम् इति मया श्रुतम्। सम्पूर्णश्लोकं इदानीं श्रुत्वा नितरां संतुष्टोस्मि। धन्यवादाः। 🙂

  3. Very interesting and entertaining. Hope you will upload more such podcasts of longer duration.Thankyou.

  4. एतद् मह्यं अतीव रोचते ।

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