ततः शङ्खाश्च भेर्यश्च पणवानकगोमुखाः ।
सहसैवाभ्यहन्यन्त स शब्दस्तुमुलोऽभवत् ॥

(~15 min.)
अत्र श्रवणार्थम् अथवा Download कृते ।


3 responses to “shabda-brahmA!

  1. Sir,
    What is meant by “अत्र श्रवणार्थम् अथवा” please

    • Some people prefer to download the mp3 files and listen to them at leisure – for them, the download link is provided. Most people however would click on the “play button” and listen to it here.

  2. सर्वं च हास्तिनपुरं हाहाकृतमवाद्यत।
    क्रीडाप्रियैश्च संकीर्णं नानाजानपदागतैः॥

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